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Calling all makers....

Calling all makers! Blinkies, icons, tags, banners, whatever!

If you're a maker, and would like to be a full or part time maker here, please, please, please fill out the form, and apply! We need a few more makers, what with Shay, and a few others on a hiatus! So, come one, come all, pro or novice, we'd be glad to have you!

Makers application can be found through the sidebar, and the userinfo page!
OTHER - Liiiiiiiick!

Public post

Reasons for being denied acceptance to wickpixgraphics

1. Little to no credit.
2. New journal.
3. Got a iffy feeling from your profile. (New journal, belong to graphics stealing communities ect...)

I do check the profile and icons of everyone who applies to make sure they give full credit for all graphics. If you made it.. Great! Say so. If it required no credit.. Okay! Say that. If you can't remember who made it.. We all forget, say that!

We've had a lot of people being denyed recently, for not having either 1. read the rules 2. Credit.

The credit issue is addressed in the communities user info, under RULES ... It's not hard to take 5 minutes to read the user info page before applying... I mean, do you even know what you're applying to if you've not read it? And if you have read it... Then why're you applying without meeting the rules?

If you think you were unfairly rejected, please comment here.

If you were denied acceptance, but have since fixed what was on the list, please comment here and then reapply.
OTHER - Liiiiiiiick!

Maker Application

Here is the application to be a maker. Please read all the communities rules, and then copy this form, paste it into a comment (Filled out). All the comments will be screened.

If given posting access, you'll be notified here.

We DO NOT accept "guest makers" or people that can only offer once or twice a month. We're a very active community, and we'd like maker's who're able to be active as well.

If you're not approved, you'll be told why, and encouraged to apply again at a later date.

Must offer atleast 5 open spots per offer (Prefer 10 or more, but 5 if acceptable)
Must not advertise for paid graphics more then -once- a month
Must not make members join other communities to see/pick up graphics